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"I've worked with Lori Schmitt for more than 20 years in my role as a Human Resources professional. She and Integrity Staffing are both truly what their name says. Lori and her staff have always provided quality people who far exceed my expectations. I would highly recommend Lori and Integrity Staffing to fill any HR position."
Lauren , VP, Human Resources​

Specializing in Human Resources

"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me last Friday, that was very kind of you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your assistance with my resume and all the advice you gave me. I've met with other staffing personnel in the past but none of them have taken the time to get to know me or understand my background and expertise. I'm very grateful for your time."

C.L., HR Administrator

Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer joined Integrity in the Fall of 2016. She has over 10+ years on the corporate side of Human Resources. With all the different HR roles she has held over the years, she decided that she really enjoyed recruiting. Her greatest passion is to help people find meaningful work! Jennifer is excited to be a part of the Integrity team and to be able to help people build great careers in the field of Human Resources! Jennifer is a member of the San Diego HR Forum and has her PHR and SHRM-CP credentials.

"Successful people work with Integrity"

Integrity Staffing, Inc. is the company of choice for Business and Human Resource Professionals to come together, grow and succeed. 

We partner with our clients to build strong relationships of trust and cooperation; we understand the needs of business and HR Professionals and assist them to achieve mutual success.​

​​​"I have worked with Lori Schmitt for over 25 years and I have the utmost respect for her company's business ethics and unique ability to to get to know their clients and understand not only the skill sets required, but also the personality of the company.  In turn she and her team are able to provide their clients with highly skilled people who are also able to fit into the company culture."  Susan , Director Human Resources

"You've changed my life and propelled me in a great direction TWICE.  And I'm just one of 4,832,793,487 people you help and touch. Thank you!"

Patricia, HR Manager

​​Lori Schmitt

Lori Schmitt established Integrity Staffing, Inc. in 2001 to support the San Diego Human Resources community. With more than 25 years of experience working in the staffing industry, along with her belief in building strong relationships and providing sincere, honest service, the company was an instant success.

Lori has been instrumental in her commitment to participating in the San Diego Society for Human Resource Management (SDSHRM) Conferences and the SDSHRM Workplace Excellence Awards ®.  Lori is a past president of CSP (California Staffing Professionals) and past VP of Membership for the San Diego chapter of NHRA (National Human Resources Association).

Today, Lori manages the growth of the business, while her staff continues the commitment of building strong relationships and providing sincere, honest service.  

Specializing in Human Resources